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The staff

The family is the cornerstone of Tenuta dei Normanni. This dream, which was born thirty years ago from the foresight of Domenico Postiglione, has become as a matter of fact the beautiful journey of a life shared with his wife Maria and his daughters Stefania and Paola, who grew up in the estate and with the estate itself. They carry out their project with commitment and passion, supported by many collaborators and professionals, who believe in the same values.

Mrs. Maria is anything but the classic director: she is as a second mother for all couples and customers; she is generous when it comes to giving thousands of tips and affectionate support in the realization of the wedding and the event of customers’ desires.

Stefania is the event manager, meticulous in the planning and organization of all the cultural activities of Tenuta dei Normanni – attentive supervisor and important support during the ceremonies and events.

Paola is the manager of Tenuta dei Normanni – warm and attentive in welcoming tourists and always ready to provide support, suggestions and proposals that can make their stay a wonderful experience.

Vera is the right-hand man of the family, a communication and marketing expert who contributes enthusiastically to the project development of Tenuta dei Normanni.

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