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New trends for 2024 Weddings!

Are you curious to know the new trends for 2024 weddings? Here is a roundup of news and trends, according to the guide drawn up by the wedding experts at!

Your wedding, your rules!

Most weddings in 2024 will embrace a trend that we have seen often lately and which has reached its peak this year: personalization. Following the philosophy of “your wedding, your rules”, couples leave traditions aside and focus on more original and fun weddings.

Have you ever heard of “antiwedding”? It means distancing yourself from traditional canons to create a tailor-made wedding. Theme, decorations, entertainment, schedule of the ceremony and reception… the couple has the possibility to customize practically every detail.

Revival weddings: a tribute to the 80s and 90s

In 2024, the aesthetics of the 80s and 90s return: velvet sofas, carpets, crystal glasses, fabrics with geometric prints, fluorescent colours. But the retro style will not only be present in the decorations.

We will also see references to the fashion of these years in the bride’s look (voluminous sleeves, shoulder pads, sequins) and in the accessories (pearls, small-sized bridal bouquet) and, obviously, in the music.

Garden Style: long live nature!

The winning recipe consists in combining the green of the plants with metallic and vibrant colors and wood, creating a very interesting garden style effect.

In 2024, Pampas grass returns forcefully, a trend that had not completely abandoned us. Pampas grass is to decoration what the little black dress is to fashion: an infallible choice with which to play it safe and make a great impression in any case.

Roof styling: decorations conquer the ceiling.

In 2024, guests won’t be able to help but stare at the ceilings. Thanks to roof styling: that is, it involves decorating not only the walls or tables, but also the ceiling of the location. Flowers, plants, chandeliers, candlesticks, fabrics, disco balls… so on and so forth.

Tenuta dei Normanni
Tenuta dei normanni

The importance of light

Lighting becomes an important part of decoration and becomes more and more professional. The lights will play a fundamental role in creating the atmosphere: couples will use lighting as a design element to give a touch of magic to the location.

From candelabras to cascades of fairy lights, from luminous projections to the final moment with spectacular plays of cold lights.

Bright colors

Bright colors will be among the new protagonists of 2024 weddings and coexist perfectly in palettes with other shades of red, orange and yellow. We temporarily abandon pastel tones to welcome more vibrant colors.

Banquet: classic format revisited

In 2024 the seating plan and placeholders lose strength in favor of “zoning”. Couples no longer decide where to place their guests during the banquet, while maintaining table service, but guests will have more freedom to decide where and with whom to sit within a predefined area.

Dishes and original gastronomic corners are increasingly personalized according to the tastes and history of the couples. Even serving  proposals inspired by fast food doesn’t mean giving up the quality of the raw materials and the event. It’s a moment of pure fun for the couple and their guests.

How to reduce the environmental impact of a wedding? Focusing on a more limited gastronomic offer to avoid waste, preferring finger food, local zero-mile suppliers and attentive to ecology.

Naked cake or fruit cakes

You can’t give up the cake. The smaller cakes will prevail. As in fashion, everything comes back in gastronomy too. This is why it isn’t surprising to see the return of naked cakes, which take the place of cakes decorated in sugar paste. Also ideal for a vintage wedding.

Simple and colorful fruit cakes are also back. Sober but equally good and spectacular, large and colorful single-tier cakes are another option not to be discarded for a highlight of the wedding.

We will then witness the return of the Champagne Tower, also in the made in Italy version with local wines, another must of the vintage style that will not be missing at weddings in 2024. All you need is a quality sparkling wine, some Pompadour-style glasses and good manual skills to stack them.

If one day is too little

There are more and more couples who organize the event thinking not only about the wedding day, but also about the moments before and after.

Party after party: After the reception, couples and guests who don’t want to return home (those who have energy to spare) will be able to continue the party in the same location, perhaps with an original silent party.

Brunch the next day: even the best events have an end, which is why couples decide to do an encore with a brunch to say goodbye to everyone after a few hours of well-deserved rest, preferably staying overnight on location! Discover our Hospitality here.

Weddings are magical, unique and made of unrepeatable moments. For you couples it’s your big day, the crowning moment of your love, but also for us professionals they are very special moments and with which we experience different emotions every time.

We are waiting for you at Tenuta dei Normanni to make the wedding of your dreams come true!

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