Pizza Course

Would you like to discover all the secrets of the real Neapolitan pizza? You can live the experience of being a pizza maker for one day in the Forneria of Tenuta dei Normanni!


Considered a UNESCO World Heritage, pizza has always been the symbol of the Mediterranean diet and the culinary tradition of Campania.
Thanks to the skill of an award-winning pizza maker, you will discover the origins of this famous dish and learn how to make an excellent Neapolitan pizza, perfect even at home. Finally, you can enjoy the pizza in the shade of the olive grove while sipping a good glass of wine.
Reservation is required at least 1 week in advance.
The duration is 150 minutes.
Number of people: Min 2
An apron, pen and note-taking paper will be provided.
The course is available on Sunday and Monday mornings.
Reservation is required at least one week in advance.


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