Extra virgin olive oil tasting

A fascinating journey to discover the ingredient that is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, to get to know it and combine it with food.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always been the most important ingredient for the culinary culture and Mediterranean diet.
Considered a healthy fat from expert and dietitian, since it is full of antioxidants, polyphenols and fatty acids.
We will take a journey into the past, to discover traditional cultivation and production techniques, and we will learn to recognize a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil, proceeding to taste several oils, including the extra virgin olive oil of Tenuta dei Normanni, so as to be able to recognize the differences and combine them with products typical of our are according to seasonality.
The duration is 90 minutes
Number of people: Min 2.
The tasting glasses and the technical sheet to be filled in will be provided.
Reservation is required at least one week in advance.


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