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The civil marriage

Nowadays, more and more couples choose the civil wedding celebration to be in romantic places, immersed in the unique atmosphere of natural scenery. Tenuta dei Normanni, which has been the first location officially affiliated with the City of Salerno, gives to the spouses the opportunity to choose the setting that best suits the fateful “Yes, I want it”.

From the intimate atmosphere of the Court of the Mosaics to the natural chic style of the Oasis to the majesty of the Amphitheatre with its long staircase, for a spectacular entrance of the bride who reaches her future husband, there are many settings for a fairy tale wedding.

Every detail of the ceremony and the arrangements, from flowers to gadgets for the guests, can be customized thanks to the support of a team of wedding professionals.

Basically, this is the best part of the civil marriage: you will choose the celebrant and the readings, the music of your love, the loved ones who will take the floor, the symbolic rites and the engagement of eternal fidelity that you will exchange each other, looking into your eyes. Everything will be exactly as your heart desires!

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