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18th birthday party

Watchword: unforgettable! The 18th birthday party is not a party like the others and deserves to be memorable, it must be up to the unique moment that celebrates. That is why we thought of an exclusive proposal, in collaboration with Katering on City: the +18 package!

A rich welcome aperitif will host the guests of your party to start enjoying the atmosphere of the estate in the scenario you choose: the Court of the Mosaics with the Norman hall, the Garden room in the open air or the stalls area of the majestic Amphitheatre.

Together with the banqueting manager you will decide the menu, which includes a real treat, the exposed food corners, where dishes are prepared: the caciocavallo on slices of bread of Altamura, the typical ‘cuoppo’ of potato chips and montanare, grilled roasts, the pot to cook the first course. Your friends can dine at the tables and enjoy the informal atmosphere of the lounges, set up in the gardens. For the dinner of adult guests, we provide a waiting service, always immersed in the joy of the party.

Furthermore, for the final moment, we thought of some original corners: that of the hot Nutella crepes and the scenic one with the fruit. Finally, at the end of your special evening, there will be the cake cutting and the spectacular ‘sweet table’, decorated in line with the colours, the style or the theme of the party.

The undisputed protagonist of the party will be you, of course. The one who will choose the “mood”, following your passions, your dreams, your taste. Supported by RosalyPar Events, you can customize the style and settings. Regarding the music and entertainment, you can make the choice you prefer, or we can offer you – as an extra service not included in the package – a DJ and a vocalist, who will attract and entertain you and your friends.

Start dreaming… we’ll take care of your exclusive party!

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